For action! A bibliography of d’Holbach studies

Paul-Henri Thiry, baron d’Holbach, by Louis Carmontelle.

Following the release of Tout d’Holbach in March 2020, the Voltaire Foundation is continuing to produce research tools that we hope will prove beneficial to anyone out there working on the Radical Enlightenment and d’Holbach more specifically. The latest arrival, we are happy to announce, is a selected bibliography of mostly 20th- and 21st-century scholarly publications on the Baron d’Holbach and his works. Counting almost 200 entries and intended primarily as a tool for anyone working on the Digital d’Holbach project, this bibliography includes links to online resources, where available, and hopes to grow larger in the next few months thanks to the support of the many colleagues worldwide who share our interest in the works of the Baron. Should you wish your new publications to be featured in the bibliography, or to report any mistakes or omissions, please contact Ruggero Sciuto. Thanks in advance for your help!

Looking forward, the Voltaire Foundation also hopes to release a full list of pre-1789 editions of d’Holbach’s publications with hyperlinks to digitised copies on Googlebooks, HathiTrust, or Gallica, as well as a searchable catalogue of d’Holbach’s library, which was famously dispersed at an auction in 1789. Stay tuned!

P.S. for the Diderot fans among us: Prof Caroline Warman (Jesus College, Oxford) will present her latest book on Diderot’s Eléments de physiologie at 5 pm UK time on 18 June 2021. For more on this event and a registration link please click here.

Ruggero Sciuto

Left: Alan Charles Kors, D’Holbach’s coterie: an Enlightenment in Paris (Princeton, 1976); centre: Alain Sandrier, Le Style philosophique du baron d’Holbach (Paris, 2004); right: Mladen Kozul, Les Lumières imaginaires: Holbach et la traduction (Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment 2016:05).

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